Exclusive: Jaime King Is Launching a Makeup Line!

Jaime King
Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

The makeup launch we've all been waiting for is finally about to happen. Jaime King revealed exclusively to InStyle that she's gearing up to debut the new Jaime King for Colour Pop makeup line.

"I'm so excited. I'm freaking out, and I haven't been able to tell anyone except for three of my best friends," the model, actress, and entrepreneur explained. "It's super exciting. I am teaming up with Colour Pop, an amazing company that has had a factory since 1955."

The collaboration definitely seems to be a match made in heaven and the 36-year-old went on to reveal, "I stumbled across Colour Pop because one of my friends had it. I was like, 'OMG. I’ve never seen makeup that has felt and looked this good!'" As a gorgeous Hollywood actress and model King has definitely become familiar with top tier brands, but nothing could hold a candle to the level of quality that she experienced after testing Colour Pop's products. She went on to confess, "I literally dumped out all of my makeup and sat there on the floor like a crazy person and went through every single piece. I was comparing the lipsticks, the eyeshadows, eyeliners, lipliners, blushes, and contour creams. I was comparing the highest quality brands I had, and there was not one thing that compared to the Colour Pop products."

"I’ve always wanted my own makeup line, but I never felt like I had the right partner, because I hadn’t found the right quality yet." It was also important for King to find a company that delivered made in America cosmetics as opposed to working with a company where the labor was being outsourced. "I wanted to see the factories and know exactly how everything was made."

This isn't just a new venture for the mother of two boys, Leo Thames Newman and James Knight Newman. King has held on to a clear vision for the makeup line for a long time now, and she confessed to InStyle, "Ever since I was fifteen I dreamt of making my own makeup line. I really wanted to create something that was a true essentials palette. It has your perfect red, your perfect nude color. It will also have your perfect contour kit for your face and the perfect contour for your eyes. It has the perfect highlighter for your eyes. Everything that you use can be used all over your face."

"It also has this cool product that I’m creating that doesn’t exist. I’ve always dreamt of it. It’s basically turning anything matte into something that has a sparkle to it. So, that’s really exciting because sometimes you want matte, but then you want the shimmer. You don’t want your whole face to look like you’ve fallen into a pile of glitter, so this product stays put."

Even King's vision for the brand is just as clear as the products. "I wanted to team up with people who are going to let me spread my message of working with people and truly helping others. Every kit will come with a link to a tutorial about how to do your makeup. And I want it to be for everyone," the Hart of Dixie actress said while adding, "I want it to be for the girl next door, I want it to be for transgender kids, I want it to be for the boy born in the wrong body, and the girl born in the wrong body. Anyone that feels like they have something to hide even though they’re innately beautiful. We’re making these incredible videos with transgender teens and with anybody. It’s for everybody and for every age. That was really important to me. Also, making the formulations appropriate for a young teen to someone that’s 90-years-old, and still looks beautiful on the skin."

We certainly can't wait to get our hands on the brand new line. Unfortunately, we'll have to sit tight until Spring 2016 when the makeup collection will go on sale exclusively on Colour Pop's website.

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