Doutzen Krous
Credit: Courtesy Photo

When she’s not parading down the catwalk in a sexy lingerie number or cooking dinner at home with her family, Victoria’s Secret Angel Doutzen Krous can be found working up a sweat in the gym to keep that stellar physique in negligée-ready shape. How does she stay so motivated, day after day? With the right essentials, of course.

She’s taking us through her workout in this behind-the-scenes video (below) from the brand new Spring 2014 Victoria’s Secret Sport Collection, a fun and flirty line of performance-enhancing sports bras, bright tanks and other workout must-haves that just hit stores yesterday. Then, we asked the bombshell what her secrets are for always feeling good, in and out of the gym. Here’s how Krous keeps her workout motivation going strong:

What's the secret to maintaining motivation to hit the gym? "It’s my job to stay motivated and fit," she tells "Workout clothes are very important to me. If it makes you feel comfortable and sexy in the gym, its very motivating." "The new Victoria's Secret Sport workout line for Spring is great for motivating women to get to the gym. The line is super sexy with fun colors and prints!"

What's the first thing you do when you are feeling tired and overworked? "I like a good massage or acupuncture. It’s important to stay healthy and be well."

How do you stay healthy while traveling? "I try to stay hydrated with non-pasteurized coconut water, and eat healthy snacks. I order healthy room service and try to squeeze in a workout!"

How do you reward yourself for a good workout? "Cooking a nice, healthy dinner at home with my family. I love to cook!"

What's your workout routine for 2014?"I really like to mix it up--spin, boxing, jumping rope, weight-lifting, dance workouts; I just love to sweat and I love how incredible I feel after a workout."

What's the workout that you think has changed your body the most? "I do a workout called Ballet Beautiful--it's based on dancer training and is a tough and fun workout. I love to workout with my trainer, who always mixes up the sessions with jump rope and boxing."

What color will we most likely catch you wearing during a workout?"Black and coral. It's fun and bright."