By Sharon Clott Kanter
Apr 01, 2013 @ 3:00 pm
Courtesy Photos

A new episode of The Good Wife premiered last night, and it proved just how much your fashion can reflect your personality—especially within the context of characters on a TV show. Case in point: Julianna Margulies’s lawyer character Alicia Florrick (shown in Prada) was the complete opposite of guest star Morena Baccarin’s sex-crazed and money-hungry Isobel Swift (shown in Alexander McQueen). “We were trying to exude sex with Isobel and her clothes, and we don’t do that with Alicia,” costume designer Daniel Lawson told In fact, this season, he’s making Alicia look more professional and buttoned-up than ever. “She’s been doing more ensembles this season, which gives a nod to her making partner and making more money,” Lawson explained. “That means looking more put together than previous seasons. If I tried to pull pieces for her from the first or second season, it’s impossible—she’s just such a different character.” Get all the exclusive details the looks he picked last night the gallery, and follow Lawson on Twitter @GoodWifeFashion for the latest updates.

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