Exclusive Details via Possessionista: Zooey Deschanel's Designer Outfits From This Week's New Girl

Photo: Adam Taylor/FOX

Dana Weiss of Possessionista.com is InStyle.com’s correspondent on all things New Girl fashion for Season 3. Scroll down to read this week’s exclusive update on what Zooey Deschanel wore.

After three seasons of dressing Zooey Deschanel on New Girl, costume designer Debra McGuire knows exactly what works for Jess. McGuire is designing a lot of Jess's clothes herself, she told InStyle.com, including the blue dress (left) and pink striped skirt (right) Jess wore on this week's New Girl. "I've had 2 previous seasons to see what works best on Jess and why. This season I have designed many dresses, pajamas, skirts, shirts and blouses to add to her already fabulous closet!" the designer said. "Some outfits are serious; others are fun, quirky and sexy to support the story in the best way possible."

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— Dana Weiss of Possessionista.com

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