Exclusive! Danielle Fishel Spills the Details on Her Favorite Topanga Hair Moments

Topanga Lawrence - Danielle Fishel - Boy Meets World
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What do Topanga Lawrence, Moesha Mitchell, and Rachel Green have in common? Aside from being regular fixtures in '90s kids' after-school TV lineups, the trio also goes down in the decade's history as our most-notable hair icons. Topanga—played by Danielle Fishel—in particular has had some great mane moments throughout the seven-season run of Boy Meets World, and during a recent visit to InStyle headquarters to chat about her book Normally, This Would Be Cause for Concern and the TV show Girl Meets World, her glorious strands were a topic that we just couldn't overlook.

"I loved all of Topanga's hair from Season 1 when she was a flower child. I wouldn't want my hair crimped like that now, but looking back at it, those were some of my favorites," she tells us. "I also loved wearing my hair in big, huge curls. We used these steam curler kits that had a base you put salt and water into, and they're still the best way to curl your hair ever! I'm not sure what they're called—you probably have to get them on eBay now."

We did a little digging, and luckily there's no need to duke it out over bidding wars. Caruso Professional's Steam Hairsetter ($50; ulta.com) is still in production today, but incorporates smoothing ion technology into the classic setup. "Every day of the show, I'd have about 100 of those rollers all over my head, and I'd have to wear them for hours. I even went to dinner like that a few times!" she adds, laughing. "I swear, half of my Boy Meets World pictures have me wearing rollers in them."

Topanga Lawrence - Danielle Fishel - Boy Meets World
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These days, Fishel's strands are every bit as covetable—and lengthy—as they've always been, and while all things '90s are experiencing a major renaissance, there's one hair trend in particular she'd rather leave in the past. "I had those full-feathered bangs that started all the way at the back of your head. My forehead isn't very big, I should have never had those bangs!" she says. "You had to fully curl them with a little curling iron and then tease them—it was almost like a mullet. It's terrifying. If those ever came back, I would just pack a bag and leave. I'd never be able to handle it!"

Though the scrunchie seems to be popular once again, Fishel admits that the old-school claw clip is her accessory of choice. "I don't go anywhere without it! This is the only thing that holds all of my hair, and it's the least-chic thing on the planet," says Fishel. "I wish there were something a little more attractive, but if it's hot and my hair is blowing around and sticking to my lipgloss, it's what works."

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