Ewan McGregor
Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Waking up from a dream that was so real you can barely tell if it actually happened or not can cause a bit of anxiety, especially if you dreamt of one of your favorite celebs. So was the case for Abby, aka @minibeastgirl, a Twitter user who tweeted about a dream she had starring none other than Ewan McGregor.

So what exactly caused all the anxiety in Abby's dream? The girl dreamt that she was in school, and McGregor was going to style her hair. Unfortunately, she hadn't washed it.

Abby soon tweeted a follow up, saying she washed her hair just in case the Scottish actor stopped by.

And it seems that Abby's dream didn't go unnoticed. Despite the fact that the fan didn't tag McGregor in her tweets, the hunky actor actually responded with a little hair advice of his own.

Who knew McGregor was so knowledgeable about styling your strands? Ewan, if you need some tips on exactly how to style dirty hair, here's how you should be using dry shampoo. And in case you thought this was a one-off fan response, think again: the Scottish actor has actually made a habit of responding to and retweeting his fans on his Twitter account. Just another reason to love him.