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Evie Beauty Blender - LEAD
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We've backed our fair share of Kickstarter campaigns in years past, but it's been a hot minute since we've gotten as excited as we currently are over the one for the Evie Blender. If that internet-famous, bra insert-shaped foundation sponge and your tried and true BeautyBlender had a child, it would probably look pretty similar to this glitter-adorned silicone tool, which imparts an airbrushed finish without soaking up any product. The Evie Blender is the brainchild of makeup artist Angie Johnson, who does special effects for both film and TV. Frustrated that the blending sponges in her kit constantly had to be replaced and absorbed a ton of foundation, the pro reworked the tool using medical-grade silicone so that it would both reduce product waste and become easier to clean.

"I find it really frustrating that the sponge blenders not only soak up a lot of very expensive product, but they aren't easy to clean. They stain, you spend $25 to $30 on this makeup blender, and then you have to throw it away in a few months," Johnson says. The glitter is housed within the silicone interior, so you don't have to worry about it scratching your skin, and the teardrop shape ensures every contour of your face will be covered. One Evie Blender should last you about a year with proper care. After each use, simply rinse it off with warm, soapy water, or clean it off with a makeup wipe. The project has reached its goal of $28,000 and some change, currently racking up over $74,000, and any further pledges will guarantee you'll receive an Evie Blender of your own once they ship out in March. Just one catch—the campaign ends tomorrow, so make sure to make your pledge now. Head over to the product's Kickstarter to see the Evie Blender in action, and to score your own.

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