By Gwendolyn Rahn
Aug 31, 2015 @ 10:00 am

As much as we love diamonds, you could argue a hair dryer is, in fact, a girl’s best friend. As a key part of our everyday beauty routine, it’s important to know what tools are best for you hair. But when we set out to shop for a new blow-drying beauty, the number of products to choose from had us seeing double. Rather than sort through the bunch ourselves, we went straight to the hair expert himself, master hair stylist and GLAMSQUAD Creative Director Giovanni Vaccaro, to make sure we get what we pay for. As a stylist who believes you’re only as good as your hair tools, Giovanni prepared us for our next purchase and explained how a good hair dryer not only can make your life easier, but can also make your hair healthier. Spoiler alert: It all boils down to quality.

What are the top three things we should look for when purchasing a new hair dryer?

1. The Power: This will help the hair dry faster. Look for something with 1800 watts for normal to fine hair, and 1800-2500 watts for thicker, coarser hair.  The right wattage has the potential to cut your drying time in half.

2. A Cool-Shot Button: This must-have helps set the hair into a style once it has been dried and prevents hair from frizzing up after a blowout.  The cool air seals each hair strand and brings out the shine.

3. An Attachment/Concentrator: To smooth out your hair, your hair dryer must have a nozzle attachment. This helps concentrate the airflow of the dryer. You should always be pointing the nozzle downward and following the hair shaft to minimize flyaways.

InStyle pro tip: Check out the new Infiniti Pro by Conair® 3Q® Styling Tool as an affordable, quality option that dries with less heat and has fewer damaging hot spots to keep your hair looking healthy.

Does the quality of a hair dryer really matter?

It’s all that matters! Dryers are an important investment for women with all hair lengths, and a quality dryer can significantly improve the healthy appearance of your hair.  Dryers with low wattage and intense heat (which are usually traits of a low-quality dryer) will have a negative impact and can damage the hair, leaving it dull and frayed. A quality dryer, if used correctly, will result in less-damaged hair.

But a quality hair dryer typically means a higher price tag. What would you say to women who are hesitant to shell out the big bucks?

The key word here is “investing.” Quality dryers and tools have a longer life span.  I have had some of my personal salon tools for years and they still work perfectly after constant daily usage.  

What are some tips a woman can take to make sure her hair dryer isn’t damaging her hair?

1. Make sure to use a nozzle attachment to create some distance between your hair and the lip of the dryer, which is the hottest point.

2. Remember, high-quality dryers have settings! If your hair is fine, try using a medium heat setting.

3. Don’t press the dryer directly on your round brush, especially if you’re a processed blonde!

GLAMSQUAD is a master at the professional blowout. Do you have any pro tips for a DIY blowout at home?

I definitely do! Here a some of my favorite at-home tips:

1. Don’t start with soaking wet hair. Before using a round brush, make sure to flash dry your hair with your dryer. It’s helpful to flip your head upside down and lift the roots with your hands.

2. Start from the FRONT!  This tends to be where the hair is most challenging because of hairlines and cowlicks.

3. Section, Section, Section!  Try not to rush through the blowout.

4. Blow out your hair in an air-conditioned room.  Some women do it after a shower in a small bathroom, which is a BIG NO-NO!