Kim Kardashian Blonde Hair
Credit: Dominique Charriau/WireImage

What's cooler than being cool? Kim Kardashian’s hair, apparently. The star can't stop aiming for blonder ambitions, and only days after revealing her dramatic new look, Kardashian went for an ultra-pale platinum---while snapping one of the prettiest shampoo bowl selfies we've ever seen.

Her new hue was created by Frederic Mennetrier at his gorgeous L'Atelier Blanc salon in Paris, which features a crisp, all-white decor scheme, and specializes in bespoke hair color. The process takes a minimum of three hours to complete, and requires two people working in tandem to place the formulas.

Mennetrier's team confirmed to InStyle that on Friday, the star's assistant called to schedule an appointment with Frederic, and because he wasn't available to come to her, she paid him a visit at his L'Atelier Blanc. Kim's main concern was to remove the yellow shade that her platinum tone had started to take on, a common issue among natural brunettes who go blonde, so to combat the brassiness, Mennetrier began by doing a light bleaching all over. He followed with a coloration, using different tones to get her strands as icy as possible, then finished with a gloss for a healthy, shiny appearance.

As Kim has demonstrated, going from a rich brown to platinum blonde doesn't come without a lot of maintenance, so if her new ’do has you eager to go lighter, we recommend using a purple- or blue-tinted shampoo and conditioner duo between salon visits to mute out any brassy tones, and pick up an intense deep conditioner to use once a week. Seek out a keratin-infused version, which will help reverse damage, strengthen the proteins in your hair, and restore any moisture lost to the bleaching process.