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Images of Prop Kit Essentials
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Not surprisingly, I've learned a thing or two as an editorial assistant helping InStyle's fashion director Melissa Rubini during photo shoots. The most important being to make sure the prop kit is always fully stocked.

For those of you who don't know what a prop kit is, it's usually a large suitcase filled to the brim with items to help avoid any fashion emergency that may pop up. While we may not need a suitcase full of supplies in our everyday lives, there are still some things I've learned to keep on hand in my own personal fashion emergency kit. Here are the 12 items you should always have on hand to fix any problems you may run into throughout the day, and—even better—they are all $20 or less.

1. A lint roller is always a must. (Especially if you have a furry pet!) The cute pink striped one (pictured, top left) is functional and fashionable. (Striped lint roller, $2; forever21.com).

2. Instead of spending money on static guard, have your hairspray do double-duty. That way, you can keep your clothes and your tresses in place. (Tresseme hairspray, $5; drugstore.com)

3. Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser may seem odd, since it's normally used to clean your house, but it is actually the best thing to clean white shoes and sneakers. (Magic Eraser, $4; walmart.com)

4. While on set, we use huge steamers to get rid of wrinkles, but handheld ones are perfect for busy mornings when you discover that top you want to wear looks like a grandma who didn't use sunscreen. (Mini steamer, $20; bedbathbeyond.com)

5. Avoid VPLs (visible panty lines) by always having seamless underwear in nude on hand. VPLs are always a fashion don't! (Seamless thong, $20; wearcommando.com)

6. Have foot cushions handy. We've all been there: hour two into a night out, and your feet are killing you from your stilettos. Foot cushions help prevent pain at the ball of the foot, and prevent toe scrunching. (Dr. Scholl's Foot Cushions, $6; target.com)

7. Buy a blister stick. Just swipe on before you head out and you should still be blister-free by the time you head home. (Band-Aid Blister Stick, $6; drugstore.com)

8. Banish chalky white lines on your shirt from your deodorant with a sponge. When you are in a rush in the mornings, its hard to avoid, but by keeping this handy you won't need to suffer looking at it all day. (Deodorant remover sponge, $5; beautydeals.com)

9. If you are a messy eater (like me!), Shout Wipes are a must. They easily get rid of most stains that occur. (Shout Wipes, $3; walgreens.com)

10. Keep a supply of back-up earring backs for those moments you lose that crucial component of your favorite earrings. Here you can get 18 backs for only $5. (Earring backs, $5; romansunstone.com)

11. Safety pins are a staple of every prop kit. Have them on-hand to fix just about any clothing emergency (your friends and every girl in a public bathroom will thank you). Tip: Get them in black as they blend in better with most clothing. (Safety pins, $8; amazon.com)

12. Double-stick tape is key for a number of reasons: you can fix faulty hems on the go, or secure the ladies while wearing a low-cut top. And if you also ever find yourself wearing an amazing pair of shoes that are a little too big, just put a few pieces of these at the soles of your feet to prevent slipping and sliding. (Double-stick tape, $5; wardrobe supplies.com)

Now that you have all the supplies you need, pick up a cute pouch like the Anya Hinmarch one above to keep them in! You can check out more pouches here.