Everything We Know About Jason Tartick, an Unexpected Bachelorette Frontrunner

Jason Tartick
Photo: Jason Tartick/ABC

Subject: Jason Tartick

Age: 29

Occupation: Corporate banker, FANCY AF!

As we approach the finish line of Becca Kufrin’s quest to find her Arie rebound, the men are falling off swiftly. Last week alone, three men met their fate, Chris (or Crazy Eddie from Friends, depending on who you ask online), Lincoln (the sexual predator), and Connor (who isn’t noteworthy except, wait, he did throw a frame in the pool that one time). With three men gone—including two of the pettiest people to ever set foot in the Bachelor mansion, Chris and Lincoln—there are only six left standing, including last week’s standout star, Jason Tartick. Until this week, Jason’s camera time was limited, and not much was known about this slick fella, except for the fact that he slicks back his hair and looks like the Magic Eye version of man of our tween dreams Andrew Keegan. Jason was so under the radar during his first few episodes that Becca even forgot his name—to his face!—on a group date earlier this season. Homeboy started out forgettable, but he’s made it this far. And now, it’s time for Jason to get that special, commit-him-to-memory-worthy, deep-dive social media stalking treatment.

Jason’s pretty adorable personality was on full display during his one-on-one date with Becca in Richmond, Va., last week. He romped around the city with Becca, decorating doughnuts, hitting goth parties, and pretending to care about Edgar Allan Poe’s grave site—and he was such a great sport that he was rewarded with a visit from three friends from home (which is originally Buffalo, NY). That’s a big gift to give someone you’ve trapped on a TV island for weeks at a time with no connection to the outside world. Jason seeing his friends was well deserved, and he even shed a “man tear,” as he calls it. The best part of the emotional show with his best buds, though, was that his giddiness was genuine. It appears from his social media that those closest to him, including his mom, sister (whom we’ll get to later), and friends, bring out Jason’s soft side. Last year, he publicly announced that his mom was his Valentine. Yes, this would normally be something I’d roll my eyes at, but it’s kind of … sweet? IDK! Send a medic! He’s also being called “Daddy” on Twitter, which confuses his mom (and me a little bit), but it makes sense because he’s got that buttoned-up boss vibe going, and now I feel numb!

Before joining this reality show, Jason was a vice president AND senior middle market banker at Key Corporate & Commercial Bank in Seattle. That's right: He’s got, like, a real grown-up job. This man is smart, driven, (most likely rich,) and well dressed. Heyyy, Becca. We see you. (P.S. If employment that exhibits actual ambition seems like a relatively low bar, let us remind you of Kamil, the professional “social media participant.” Welcome to Season 14 of The Bachelorette.)

Aside from having a bomb job that he’s held since 2010 (he knows how to commit, Becca), Jason is a charitable man. This is actually how he got cast on the show. Apparently, last year Jason participated in a Bachelor Nation charity auction to raise money for families of cancer patients with Gilda’s Club in Rochester, NY—and there, he was scouted for the show. Smart thinking, ABC; charity events do seem like great places to find eligible men. The crazy part, though, is it was the lame moments from these photos that won the network over. (Side note: Before you fall too far in love, we’re curious to know what he thinks of his sister’s “Make America Great Again” T-shirt. But I guess we’ll let them enjoy that family dinner conversation when it arrives.)

Jason is clearly nudging his way toward that final rose, and it’s not surprising. He’s like the chilled-out hybrid of Nate Archibald and Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl, and he has a head of hair that could possibly rival Leo’s when without gel.

And, most importantly, Adam Gottschalk is a fan. Adam is a recent sleeper-cell competitor in Bach Nation. He competed for Rachel Lindsay's heart and made it quite far in the competition—to literally everyone’s surprise—but then he came back to cement himself as a certified BAE during last year’s Bachelor In Paradise. Now he’s dating Raven Gates, the franchise sweetheart who was also in Paradise and has somehow transformed himself into a hunk of burning love for all (yes, ALL) Americans. This backing can mean a lot for Jason’s run on this show or at least an eventual trip to Paradise. Either way, I’m not counting him out, because I like to count my dudes before they hatch. Like he did during last week’s one-on-one, Jason has more than enough time to surprise us with more of his charming and silly personality—and I can’t wait for him to emerge as a fledgling fan fave.

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