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Everlane ReNew - Lead
Credit: Everlane

The affordable cashmere, the jeans that, literally, make every-single booty look amazing ... What's not to love about Everlane? Heck, sometimes the label even lets us choose what we want to pay for those items. And just when we thought that Everlane couldn't get any better, they proved us wrong with a game-changing announcement.

By 2021, the brand is making a pledge to completely stop using new plastics in their entire production process. That means everything, from the buttons on shirts to the plastic packaging that items are shipped in, will switch over to recycled materials only.

"Here's the hard truth: Once plastic is made, it stays on the planet forever," Everlane's Founder and CEO Michael Preysman explains in a statement before adding that over eight billion tons of plastic have been created in 60 years. "There's only one solution: Stop creating virgin plastic — and instead, renew what's already here."

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Everlane's initiative is already off to a strong start with the debut of a new fabric that the brand's calling ReNew. The sustainable material will debut in a 13-piece collection of six puffers, four fleece pullovers, and three parkas — all moderately priced between $55 and $198. Set your alarms now. The ReNew line drops on Oct. 24 and the waitlist is already growing.