By Samantha Simon
Oct 01, 2014 @ 3:33 pm
Richard Cartwright/CBS

If you love a good psychological thriller, Stalker will be your newest obsession. The show stars Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q as LAPD detectives investigating nightmarish stalking cases with deadly twists and turns at every corner. (Seriously, brace yourself—we saw an early screening and it took three days to recover.) McDermott tells InStyle how viewers can best prepare for the series premiere tonight, Oct. 1, on CBS.

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Although he plays a fearless detective on the show, McDermott gets the chills watching episodes at home. “I have the curtains tightly sealed, a baseball bat in hand, and a loved one to hold my sweaty clenched fist,” he says.

Robert Voets/CBS

Tonight’s fiery premiere focuses on a killer who stalks women in Los Angeles and then sets them ablaze. If you’re easily rattled, be sure to call on a binge buddy before tuning in—and remember that there’s safety in numbers. Really, McDermott suggests that the ideal viewing party would consist of “your neighborhood watch or security team.” We'd have to agree.

Tune into the series premiere of Stalker tonight at 10 p.m. on CBS!

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