Evangeline Lilly Gave Herself a Buzzcut

She documented herself shaving her head on Instagram.

Whenever a celebrity is in the mood to make a major hair change, they usually pay a visit to their most-trusted stylist at a top salon. However, Evangeline Lilly took matters in her own hands (quite literally) when she decided to shave her head.

On Saturday, the Lost star documented her transformation from mid-length hair to a buzzcut with a series of Instagram videos. The clips show Lilly dividing her hair into sections and cutting it close to the scalp with scissors. Then, she picked up the clippers.

At first, it appeared as though she was going to keep the left side of her hair long and wear an undercut on the other. But the actress had something else in store.

"#homecut(swipe) Stop or keep going??," she asked in the caption.

Spoiler: She kept going.

On Sunday, Lilly posted the grand reveal for her freshly-shaved head. "Hello 🌏. It’s a BEAUTIFUL day," she captioned the selfie showing off her new buzzcut.

Fans flooded the comments, showing their support for Lilly's dramatic cut. "You look amazing bald💕 welcome to the club," wrote one follower. While another pointed out that Lilly's shaved head channels musician Sinéad O'Connor.

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Lilly didn't share the reasoning behind her drastic cut, but some are speculating that it could be for a new role. Refinery29 recently pointed out that Lilly is currently in pre-production for a film called Happy Life. In the comedy, the actress will play a woman whose husband may or may not be having an affair with an Instagram influencer.

We'll have to wait and see whether or not Lilly's shaved head has to do with the juicy plot of her upcoming movie, or if she just felt like making a big switch. Either way, she looks amazing with this fresh buzzcut.

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