Evan Rachel Wood Has Beef with Stranger Things

The Westworld star was not impressed with Hawkins's police chief this season. 

Stranger Things’s highly-anticipated third installment launched on Netflix over the Fourth of July holiday, quickly becoming the water cooler topic of the summer — or, for those who prefer to frantically type their sentiments into the abyss, Twitter.

One viewer who favored Twitter as a sounding board was Westworld actress Evan Rachel Wood, who had some issues with Hawkins hero and police chief Jim Hopper.

Hopper, or “Hop,” is certainly prone to angry outbursts, as is evidenced in his interactions this season with both Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Eleven’s boyfriend Mike (Finn Wolfhard). Wood was not here for it.

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“You should never date a guy like the cop from #strangerthings," she tweeted. "Extreme jealousy and violent rages are not flattering or sexy like TV would have you believe. That is all,” she added, without deigning to name said “cop.”

Jim Hopper embed

The internet being the internet, and also strangely protective of this fictional character, was not altogether receptive of Wood’s criticism. And Wood, not one to back down, continued to hammer her point home — like, for days.

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying Hopper is quite the character.

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