Eva Mendes
Credit: Getty; Courtesy of Reebok

Want to get a body like Eva Mendes? All you need is the right pair of footwear (and maybe a four-legged friend). "My favorite way to get exercise is to put on my Reebok EasyTones and walk my dog Hugo," Mendes told us at the shoot for label's new line of apparel and toning shoes, which use Balance Ball technology to help tone leg and butt muscles (she's the new EasyTone Ambassador). "Like many women, I'm not crazy about working out but these are great because if I don't make it to the gym one day, I can put them on while I run errands and still feel like I'm getting some exercise." Mendes, who also does light weight training and yoga to stay in shape, said that she's a new fan of the footwear. "When toning shoes first came out I loved the idea of them but once I saw what they looked like I didn't want to wear them," she told us. "But once I saw the EasyTones, I was like, 'These are totally cute!'"