Eva Mendes Expertly Shut Down a Troll Who Told Her She's "Getting Old"

The actress turns 46 next month.

Unlike most women over the age of 25, Eva Mendes isn't afraid of aging. Instead, she's embracing the fact that she's growing older.

On Saturday, the actress — who turns 46 years old next month — shared a video of her new haircut on Instagram. In the short clip, she plays with her freshly-shorn locks and slicks her strands back with a velvet headband. And while many fans flooded the comments section with compliments, a troll decided to judge the mom of two's appearance, writing: "She's getting old."

Mendes — the queen of classy clapbacks — wrote back to the critic and revealed that the intended insult didn't get her down because she's grateful to be getting older, thank you very much. "Yes, your right," she said. "Thank God I'm getting old. That means I'm still here. I'm gonna be 46 soon and grateful everyday that I'm aging. Was your comment suppose to make me feel bad? It didn't. It makes me feels grateful. So thank you for the reminder that I’m still here. ❤️❤️❤️."

Shortly after, she added an encouraging message to her supporters in the caption of the original post, thanking them for their kindness.

"Sending you all some extra love right now and always. Thank you for always sending me so much positivity and love through your comments. I read most of them when I can and it makes me so happy that there’s so much love around. I send it all right back. Ten fold."

Let Eva's outlook on getting older be a lesson to all of us, as age isn't anything but just a number.

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