The actress loves an affordable trim at Supercuts.

Growing up in an all-female household, hitting up our neighborhood Supercuts for fresh haircuts every season was a family affair. Every three or so months, my mom would force my younger sister and I to have a few inches taken off of our waist-length hair. Despite our protests (having super long hair was a top priority in middle school), our hair always came out great, and to the joy of my single mom, no tears were shed.

And that's the beauty of Supercuts. There's always a location in the closest strip mall for those times when you're desperate for a quick, reliable cut — just ask Eva Mendes.

On Monday, October 14, the actress shared a selfie on Instagram of herself mid-haircut with damp hair. In the photo, she's wearing the infamous black Supercuts smock, emblazoned with the chain's white logo.

"Ok this is a terrible angle but thought you guys would like to know that yea, I stop into @supercuts every once in awhile. Y que?," Mendes wrote in the caption.

Mendes's followers praised her in the comments for "keeping it real," and another saying "Your humbleness is endearing."

Other commenter agreed with the actress that Supercuts is the place to go for a quick cut or style. “They’re great for a trim and quick layer!," one fan said. While another replied, “Totally! And great for a quick wash and dry!”

Eva Mendes
Credit: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

While Mendes hasn't revealed what her cut looks like dried and styled, her Instagram post is reminding me of simpler times when I didn't spend a ridiculous amount of money on my hair. Maybe I should cancel my salon appointment and got to Supercuts instead.