Eva Mendes Let Her Daughters Do Her Makeup, and the Result Is Hilarious

"They've won."

A mother stuck in quarantine with two kids under the age of six will do just about anything to keep them occupied at home. One such mother is Eva Mendes, who let her daughters, Esmeralda, 5, and Amada, 4, give her the wackiest makeover imaginable to stay busy.

Debuting her new look on Instagram, the actress hilariously conceded, "They've won." In the photo, Mendes's face looks like a human coloring book, with mismatched scribbles on her forehead and cheeks. Bright blue eyeshadow and smudged purple lipstick provided the finishing touches.

This isn't the first time Mendes's daughters — who she shares with husband, Ryan Gosling — did their mom's makeup for fun. Earlier this month, the 46-year-old displayed their handiwork once again in a similar selfie captioned: "I've lost any control I once had."

At the beginning of lockdown orders, Eva revealed other ways she's keeping her kids entertained. In a video posted to Instagram, a record playing Cuban music can be heard alongside the sound of her 4-year-old on the piano. “Trying to keep things light at home with my two little ones. Nothing like some old Cuban music to do the trick," she wrote, adding that her daughter thinks the music is coming from her hitting the keys.

While Eva regularly talks about her children on social media, she has set boundaries with how much she'll share. In April, a fan asked why she doesn't post any photos of her kids, and Eva explained that there are limitations.

"I'll talk about them of course, with limits, but I won't post pictures of our daily life," she replied. "And since my children are still so little and don't understand what posting their image really means, I don't have their consent. And I won't post their image until they're old enough to give me consent." We'll take what we can get — wild makeovers and all.

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