Besties Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham Celebrate "Wine O'Clock" Playing with Snapchat Filters

Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham - LEAD
Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage

Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham are typically better known as two glamorous, always-red-carpet-ready ladies, but that’s not how they appeared Tuesday on Snapchat.

The longtime friends and certified designers said goodbye to their work lives and families for a well-deserved girls’ night out that they chronicled on social media. Seated at a restaurant sipping fall-appropriate glasses of red wine, the two BFFs had fun with a Snapchat-filtered camera, playfully pouting and throwing on two hilarious Halloween-themed filters for good measure.

Longoria first took to Instagram to offer a cross-platform glimpse at the action. In the video, they each take on the dark-colored flower crown while Longoria says, “You can’t even see it. Hello! Happy Halloween!” and Beckham makes a sultry gesture for the camera.

The former Spice Girl and mother-of-four, meanwhile, shared another clip in which she raises her glass as they each wear the dark version of the doggy filter. Longoria celebrated with a cheerful, "Wine o'clock!" also saying, “Kenny, I can’t see you!” possibly referring to Ken Paves, her go-to hairstylist who upped her glam earlier in the day.

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Now that’s one unforgettable night.

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