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Still need help stripping away the last of the winter blues? Take a long look at Eva Longoria's new spring collection.

Ahead of the official first day of spring (March 20), the Telenovela star announced the launch of the line, which offers everything from quilted baseball jackets and high-waist skinny jeans, to graphic tees that read "today's forecast: 99% CHANCE OF WINE".

In addition to off-duty looks, the collection features an assortment of dresses, skirts, and tops, including a floral halter dress, navy striped pencil skirt, and knit top, each of which Longoria models herself.

Eva Longoria Clothing Line 1
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"If a woman is comfortable in what she's wearing, she's going to have confidence and feel empowered," Longoria said in a statement. "This collection is a reflection of my own lifestyle."

While Longoria was creating the designs, it was important to her to make sure there was an emphasis on comfort and stretch in the textiles and yarns, so fabrics like lightweight knits and 4-way stretch denim were incorporated into it. "I love working with great fabrics that are comfortable, soft to the touch, and feel good against the body" she said.

Eva Longoria Clothing Line 2
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The collection, which ranges from $39 to $159, offers sizing from XS-XXL and 0-18. It is available now on