Eva Longoria Sewed Her Own Dress for Serena Williams's Baby Shower

It turns out that Eva Longoria will do anything for her BFF Serena Williams.

During an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the Desperate Housewives actress talked about the tennis champion's recent '50s-themed baby shower. "Serena is really big on theme parties which is such a pain in the ass," Longoria jokingly divulged. "It's such a drag... I have to find an outfit, make sure it fits."

Sounds like the perfect opportunity for a fashionista like Longoria, right? But Williams's baby shower truly put her skills to the test.

"Actually if you look closely at my dress you'll see that I had to go to a Halloween shop in Miami Beach because this was in Florida, and there are pirates on my dress." Longoria continued. "It's actually a pirate outfit because I couldn't find a '50′s outfit, but I sewed it to make it look like a '50′s outfit."

From the looks of the finished product, with no pirates in sight, it's clear Longoria has a design career in her future. We wonder if she'll take custom orders?

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