Salon Etiquette - At Home
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Psst: There’s a better way to get a blowout than trekking to the salon. On-demand beauty apps like Priv and Glamsquad are revolutionizing how we primp, pamper, and prep by sending professionals to your door so you can get your hair, makeup, and even nails done in the comfort of your own home. (Priv also offers more services, including in-home massage, eyelash extensions, spray tanning, and personal training). While they come with all the convenience of Uber, the code of conduct is slightly different than it would be in a salon. We surveyed a handful of professionals to find out what you should know before booking an at-home beauty service.

1. Punctuality is a plus

“The client should be ready at the time that the professional arrives. After all, the client has the option of when they want to book an appointment, so they should be ready at that specific time.”—Mimi Wilson, lead nail pro, Priv

“If a client is going to be more than 20 minutes late, it's best to reschedule the appointment.”—Shavaughn Byrd, lead hair stylist, Priv

2. Dream up what you want and be ready to be pampered.

“It is very important that the client is ready with her face pre-prepped when I arrive. I also do not want to wait for a client so they can shower.”—Evelyn Garcia, lead makeup pro, Priv

“For a blowout or braid, we request you have ‘wet hair in the chair,’ meaning the client should wash hair 10 to 15 minutes prior to the appointment, so it’s damp but not soaking wet. For updos, dry hair is best, and we recommend washing it the day before your appointment to see best results.”—Giovanni Vaccaro, lead hairstylist and creative director, Glamsquad

“My personal preference as a nail artist is to know what colors or art they may have in mind beforehand so that I can pack my kit accordingly. I try to only bring what's necessary as to not make a huge mess.”—Camille Young, lead nail pro, Priv

3. Clean up before …

“The client should have a clean work space for me to set up and work from. It helps me to flow with my creativity, and to work quickly and efficiently. For example: A table, chair, outlets and space for me to move safely around the client while working.”—Shavaughn Byrd, lead hair stylist, Priv

4. But sit back, relax, and don’t worry about the mess afterwards

“We like to leave the client's home in better shape than when we found it. The appointment time allows for the setup and breakdown of the beauty professional’s kit so that all the client needs to do is sit back and relax.”—Giovanni Vaccaro, lead hairstylist and creative director, Glamsquad

“Cleanup is done by the professional. Everything is usually contained in the tanning tent. The professional may ask to use the sink to rinse out their tanning gun but nothing is needed or required from the client.”—Krista Mays, lead spray tanning pro, Priv

5. Be aware of the over-share

“I have encountered discussions between the client and their spouse or family member. I have also encountered the client showering or brushing their teeth while I'm there. The worst ones have been the clients that are drunk, or just talking about their really personal life.”—Evelyn Garcia, lead makeup pro, Priv

6. Love your pets from a distance

“I prefer pets to be out of the space because I may have to travel to another location after their service and that person may be allergic to pets.”—Mimi Wilson, lead nail pro, Priv

7. Thrilled? Tip extra

“The tip is included in the service, but obviously any additional tip is accepted and greatly appreciated.”—Camille Young, lead nail pro, Priv

“Because 20% gratuity is already included on the app, our beauty professionals will remind the client that the tip goes on the card on file. It is at the client's discretion to tip more.”—Giovanni Vaccaro, lead hairstylist and creative director, Glamsquad

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