By Isabel Jones
Updated Jul 06, 2018 @ 1:00 pm
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Donald Trump is no Emily Post. Our sitting President isn’t big on following on the etiquette rules—or any rules, to be honest.

All that said, it’s going to be, in a word, interesting to see how The Donald functions in one of the most etiquette-heavy situations there is: meeting The Queen of England.

Trump and First Lady Melania are expected to meet with Queen Elizabeth II on the afternoon of July 13 (Friday the 13th, FYI) at Windsor Castle, and it will surely be, uh, something.

In preparation for this momentous occasion, we’ve compiled all the general rules and guidelines one is expected to follow when meeting Her Majesty, the Queen. Will Trump be able to keep up with the pomp and circumstance of the monarchy? We wouldn't bet anything significant on it, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

VIDEO: The Queen Will Meet Donald Trump at the Site of the Royal Wedding

Check these etiquette tips and follow along yourself on the big day.

Bow Down
Trump doesn’t strike us as a big bow-er, but that’s fine—men are only expected to dip their heads upon introduction.

Call Her By Her Chosen Name
One is expected to address the Queen as “Your Majesty” upon presentation, but to revert to the far less formal “Ma’am” upon any further reference. No nicknames are permitted, no matter how hilarious, so get the idea of Trump calling Her Majesty “Queenie,” “Queen E,” “Liz,” or “E-Money” out of your head.

Don’t Waste Her Time
Guests of the Queen are expected to arrive at any given destination ahead of Her Majesty. So yes, expect to spend a few awkward minutes wondering if you overdid it on the cologne while you wait.

Let Her Do the Talking
Allow Her Majesty to start the convo. It’s considered rude to speak to the Queen without being first spoken to.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself
Well, duh. Don’t touch the Queen—just don’t do it. You may shake her hand, but only if she first offers it.

Don’t Turn Around, Bright Eyes
Remain facing front when interacting with the Queen. Save your back for the haters.

No Photos, Please
Don’t expect to snag a selfie with the 92-year-old. Queen Elizabeth will pose for official photos, but personal pics are a no-no. On this topic, we’re assuming tweeting about your experience meeting the Queen is also probably a faux pas.

Keep It Professional
Do not ask the Queen any personal questions, especially not about her beloved grandsons Prince William and Prince Harry. Polite small talk is where the banter ends.

Come Bearing Gifts, but Not In Your Hands (?)
OK, this one is confusing. Heads of State are expected to bring the Queen a present, but you’re also supposed to be empty handed when you meet her, so …

Keep Up With Her Eating Habits
If you’re meeting for a meal, you’re expected to finish eating when she does. Don’t make the Queen of England awkwardly eat alone!

Leave First
As with arriving first, you’re also expected to leave ahead of Her Majesty—so we guess it’s OK to turn your back on her then … ?