Ethan Hawke on Boyhood's (and His!) Oscar Nominations: This Has Been a Huge Pipe Dream for All of Us

Ethan Hawke
Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Sundance

It’s a warm return to the Sundance Film Festival for Ethan Hawke, who is here to promote his latest indie project, Ten Thousand Saints. Last year when he visited us in the Sundance InStyle portrait studio, he was with the cast of Boyhood, which as we’ve seen, has become one of the biggest movies of the year and earned him his fourth Academy Award nomination. Coming back to Park City has brought him full circle. “The movie was ours for 12 years and it was our little secret, then we gave it away at Sundance last year,” he tells InStyle. “It happened right at the moment in my life when I was starting to think that anything operating outside the system couldn’t work if it didn't have money and nothing could survive past the maelstrom of corporate America. I didn’t think you could break the rules anymore. It was too money driven and it was impossible. It’s not impossible.”

Now that it’s already on a roll during award season and the Oscars are next on deck, Hawke is excited to continue the break-the-mold momentum. “This is a huge pipe dream for all of us,” he says. “The idea that we would even finish it, then on top of it that it would work, and on top of that it would emotionally connect with people is really meaningful because that's why you do it. It almost never happens, but it’s always worth trying. It really made a believer out of me.”

As for the Oscars, the idea that Boyhood got him there really hasn’t settled in. “It’s a little overwhelming right now,” he says. “I keep joking with my wife saying that I think I’m going to really enjoy all of this in about two years. Right now it’s stressful and manic. But I’ve been doing this long enough that I’m not ungrateful. When you have work to be proud of, you have to sing the song.” Or as we say in Park City, dance the dance.

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