By Claire Stern
Updated Jan 18, 2015 @ 5:14 pm
Credit: Courtesy

When someone suddenly achieves a high-level of mainstream success, it can be hard to keep the momentum going. But Estelle (born Estelle Fanta Swaray) is hell-bent on not letting her 2008 Grammy-winning single "American Boy" (featuring vocals from a pre-Kardashian Kanye West), dampen the future of her career. "I don't worry about what's already been done," says the singer-songwriter. "I'm here now. This is what I do for a living. Proving myself is not on the top of my list." Even if it wasn't her intention, the British chanteuse's new album, True Romance (out now), is poised to put the 34-year-old back on the charts.

The 12 songs, ranging from sweet lullabies to voluptuous-sounding anthems, carry an emotional rawness that can only be generated by someone who has experienced the trials and tribulations of the music biz, and heartbreak, first-hand. "Conqueror," the second track on the album, is a triumphant power ballad dedicated to standing tall in the face of pain, and clinging onto your faith no matter what, while "All That Matters," Estelle's personal favorite, drives home the point that no one should give up on true love, despite previous setbacks. "It's about pushing yourself to be optimistic and happy," she adds. "The goal is to find company that's easy to love, where it's not a chore to be with them."

As for the future of Estelle's career, going forward it looks far more promising than bleak. When asked who her dream collaboration was, after working with the likes of David Guetta, John Legend, and Robin Thicke, her answer was unexpected, albeit ambitious. "Bon Jovi," she replied instantly. "I actually saw him in Philadelphia the other day. I mean, who wouldn't want to make music with him? I want to work with legends. That's where I work towards."

Watch the music video for "Conqueror" below, and buy a copy of True Romance for $10 from the iTunes Store.