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My, how time flies. It's hard to believe that it's been exactly a year since Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes welcomed their first child into the world: Esmeralda Amada Gosling. And, we also can't argue with the fact that baby Esmeralda, who is celebrating her very first birthday today, got pretty lucky in the parent department. Not only did mama Mendes and papa Gosling bestow upon the child the cutest name, which was inspired by the Esmeralda character from the Victor Hugo novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, but they also gifted Esmeralda with some killer genetics (um, just look at them!). Most importantly, however, we think the 1-year-old's parents have provided their babe with a pretty great example on how to succeed at work and in life based on their epic acting careers.

Lesson No. 1: How to Be the Ultimate Business Woman

If Esmeralda ends up wanting to be an entrepreneur, she will have to look no further for advice than to her mother. Mendes has so many projects going on, we can hardly keep up. To name a few, the actress just recently launched her beauty line, Circa, she designs a clothing line for New York & Company, and she was recently named as the new face of Estée Lauder's New Dimension skincare line.

Lesson No. 2: Support Your Peers

When Judd Apatow stepped out from behind the camera to host CBS's The Late Late Show, he proved he can do much more than just a produce, write, and direct. He can entertain, too, which Gosling graciously recognized via Twitter. And, you know what they say: "To have a friend, you have to be a friend" and Gosling did just that when he sent kudos Apatow's way.

Lesson No. 3: Beauty Advice from Mom

Though we haven't yet seen actual photos of the littlest Gosling, there's no doubt Esmeralda will be quite the looker without any beauty secrets at all. However, given mama Mendes's love of all-things beauty, we are sure the actress will be happy to bestow upon her daughter some of her best beauty secrets. (And, hopefully, she will clue us in while she is at it!)

Lesson No. 4: Change Is Good

Ryan Gosling
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For a guy who seems pretty low-key about his looks, Gosling has been known to change up his hair color, cut, and style a lot over the years. Just look at Gosling in the picture above, where the actor had dyed his hair for his role in 2003's The United States of Leland. For little Esmeralda, though, we have a feeling she will adapt pretty quickly to her parents' crazy schedules and their ever-changing lifestyles will come as a naturally.

Lesson No. 5: Have a Sense of Humor

When Gosling takes to Twitter, humor is usually his go-to tactic. Take, for instance, Gosling's tweet shown above, which was in response to a fan who was participating in an #AskRyan Q&A session via Twitter. The admiring fan had tweeted: "Trying to get @RyanGosling to answer one of my questions is way more important than math homework #AskRyan #LostRiver" to which Gosling jokingly responded that the fan should "do [their] homework." And, given that Gosling is now a dad, chances are, it won't be his last time playing the role of homework enforcer.

Lesson No. 6: Hard Work Pays Off

The Notebook House - Embed
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Ok, let's face it. We couldn't possibly talk about the many lessons Esmeralda will learn from dad without addressing his character in The Notebook. After all, Gosling's character, Noah, was a pretty stand-up guy. (Insert heart emoji, here.) And, while we doubt you need reminded, in the film, he and Rachel McAdams's character, Allie, are reunited after Noah, who is a carpenter, builds Allie her dream house. The moral of the story? Hard work pays off because the two lived happily ever after.

Lesson No. 7: Give Back

Both Gosling and Mendes have been known to give back over the years and support charitable causes. From Mendes's 2012 trip to Sierra Leone to help spread awareness about serious issues affecting women around the world to Gosling's work with various organizations such as PETA, Invisible Children Inc., Enough Project, the pair believe in helping others. More recently, the couple has taken to social media in an effort to help individuals who are battling cancer. What a stand-up couple.

Congrats, baby Esmeralda! Follow your parents' example and we have a feeling you will be just fine.