By Victoria Moorhouse
Sep 28, 2017 @ 6:45 pm

The same company that brought you the viral hit that was The Ordinary is back at it again—this time, with your lips in mind.

The parent company of your beloved serum foundation has just announced an entirely new lip care brand called ESHO, and if finally booked a lip filler appointment, you might want to consider canceling. Why? Because these little $29 tubes could take the place of that pricey appointment. The brand, which currently consists of three different lip balms, was created in partnership with Dr ESHO, a UK-based cosmetics professional and aesthetic medicine expert.

Sculpt is the tube that acts as a replacement to injections, claiming to add volume to your lips and enhance your lip shape with a concoction of ingredients like peptides, polymers, and complex saccharides, among others. It’s meant to support your lips circulation, water retention, hyaluronic acid production, and even the fat retention in the lips.

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Then there’s Drench at $12, which isn’t your average tube of balm by any means. It’s a lip hydrator that doesn’t use butters and waxes to seal in moisture, but water reservoirs, lipid reservoirs, and breathable film formers.

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But perhaps the coolest thing about the collection is Pause, a revolutionary product at only $27 that works to pause the breakdown on injections in-between appointments. Lip fillers can last from a few months up until a year in some cases, so maintenance is usually needed.

So do they really work? We've yet to give the newly-launched products a shot, but if they perform anything like the serum foundation, we're going to be making a lot of duck faces in our selfies. Just you wait.