By Dana Avidan Cohn
Updated Aug 05, 2014 @ 1:02 pm

Having peered into more than 400 of the most fashionable closets in existence, Erin Kleinberg, the ultra-cool co-founder of The Coveteur, knows a thing or two about what a girl really needs to curate a perfect wardrobe. “My most relevant takeaway was that women want to live edited. They want to look at their closet and have it feel manageable,” says Kleinberg (above).

This notion inspired Kleinberg to step back from Coveteur-ing to focus her attention on another project. She knew that women valued their ultra-expensive purchases the most but those weren’t necessarily what got the most play in their real life. “Without fail, these ladies always ripped off their photo shoot clothes and grabbed that perfectly worn in grey cashmere V-neck or that loose uber-cool-casual cardi and jeans. I love that,” she tell us.

Isabel Asha Penzlien

Those, wearables, are the foundation for the Erin Kleinberg collection, which relaunched for fall/winter ’14. “The vibe is very laid back, easy going. I think the EK girl pays attention to fashion, but it doesn't dictate her life,” says Kleinberg.

The result is a super-hybrid of Parisian street style and downtown New York City—think loose tees, cozy sweaters, easy dresses, and jackets. “I love when things are just raw, natural, and unpolished,” she adds.

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