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Dear pals,

Ciao from Milano! I’m writing you this postcard at the end of my grand tour of Italy, and, oh, what an amazing trip it was thanks to our excellent guides, named Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. We saw the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the gondoliers of Venice, all in the span of a few minutes this afternoon, and all in the form of dazzling embroidery. They really know how to have a good time!

They played all of my favorite Italian songs, too, like when the moon hits your eye and it’s a big velvet dress with a painting of Madonna on it (no, not that one) or when the world seems to shine like a caftan with the green-and-white stripes of a cabana chair. That’s a-Dolce!

Oh, these guys love tourists, so much, in fact, they left us with some fabulous souvenirs, postcard-perfect dresses in the team colors of each of our favorite cities, even Lake Como and Taormina (pictured, above). And it was fine to take selfies! They encouraged it, really. You won’t believe their bedazzled iPhone cases… Don’t worry, I’m bringing back several for the cousins!

It really seems like the Italians have been in a good mood this week, and so generous and sweet when they’re not pushing me out of the way or lighting cigarettes in my face. You’ll never guess who invited me to dinner last night, in a real palazzo! It was the Ferragamos! The hallways were lined with narwhal tusks. Even the vestibule was full of antiques, and I’m pretty sure the doors were made of velvet. I was too afraid to even touch a glass of champagne, but a nice young man named Massimiliano Giornetti – he was dressed so neat! – made me feel right at home. He told me about his new collection, which was so elegant and refreshing amid all of these loud clothes all the other designers are showing here, with sweater dresses that really swing (pictured, below). Even Flavia Pennetta came out of retirement to see it.

“Everyone in Milan is trying so hard,” he said, when I asked him. “I wanted something light and fresh.”

Eric's Last Post Milan - Ferragamo
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Oh, but we ate so much! Risotto with zucchini blossoms and about a pound of cheese per bite, some kind of fish, and then there was a dessert bar! Don’t tell Mrs. Fulvia Ferragamo, whose house this was, but I stashed some sweets in my bag for the plane ride to Paris. Are you allowed to bring chocolate covered figs through customs?

I’m trying to remember what else we saw, but there was so much! My friends at Marni are so clever and inventive, turning simple circles and triangles into primary colored clothes that looked like artworks from the Memphis Group. That Consuelo Castiglioni knows how to connect the dots! Also, the Missonis are such a cute family. Even the dog, Johnny, came out to see the latest zigzag creations, rosy tank dresses and saucy swimsuits (pictured, below), but he fell asleep halfway through the show. Awww!

Eric's Last Post Milan - Missoni
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And Dan and Dean Caten from DSquared2 said to tell you they have a postcard coming your way, too. They went to Hawaii this season, I think, and got super stoked about surfing. What do you think about accessorizing with bungee straps and ripcords for spring (pictured, below)? Maybe if I wore a dazzling mini skirt or a bandage dress with a wetsuit zipper pull? I think it’s a great idea! Easy for packing.

Eric's Last Post Milan - Dsquared2
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PS: I went to a pizzeria late on Saturday night and whom did I see but Giorgio Armani??? He’s like the King of Italy!!! And there he was eating food like everyone else. His clothes are so special too, expressing so much with just a single color, like red, that somehow makes women want to stand on a runway acting coy and ruffling their skirts to show the little slip of red underneath. It’s amazing that after 40 years, he’s still got so many tricks up his sleeves, and under his skirts.

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