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Debi Mazar is back in the boys' club! The star reprises her role as foul-mouthed publicist Shauna in the much-anticipated Entourage movie, out June 3, and her character's spitfire personality is better than ever. InStyle recently caught up with Mazar—who also plays the ballsy BFF on TV Land’s Younger, and appears as herself, a witty at-home chef, on Cooking Channel’s Extra Virgin—over tea at her New York City townhouse. Find out what she had to say about everything from having lunch on the testosterone-heavy Entourage set to what it means to be a "boss b--ch," below.

How will the Entourage movie differ from the show?
I’m not sure how to answer that, because the script had many lives. Every time that I would shoot a scene in L.A. and come back to New York, I’d get called back to L.A. to shoot another scene. Things kept changing.

Are they discovering it as they go along?
People are really anticipating something. The series ran its course in the eight seasons. So with the movie, they’re trying to keep the franchise alive and keep the door open, I hope, for future movies. This is Entourage on steroids.

With all that existing testosterone, can it handle steroids too?
Well, I loved going to lunch on set and watching the actors watch the actresses—because they went to lunch in their G-strings. Sometimes when I go to lunch I take off my costume to protect it so I don’t spill on it. These girls stayed in their G-strings with their little bikini tops. I wanted to Instagram it but didn’t know if it was appropriate to show what was for lunch, so to speak.

Entourage is such a boys’ club but you fit in fine, like one of the crew.
I’m not. I’m not one of the crew at all. I fit in because I’m smart, strong and of a certain age. But I don’t hang with them, I’m not part of the entourage. I bump into Adrian Grenier because he does so much good stuff socially—he’s green, he’s giving back, he’s saving the whales—and he lives in Brooklyn. So our paths have crossed in other ways. But they hang in their clique. And me? I show up, I work, I do my thing.

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Are you more comfortable in a room full of men or a room full of women?
I’m not a comfortable person, period. Oh, I can handle myself anywhere. But I’m the first to show up, the first to leave. I’m not a big party person. I like to host in my home or go to someone else’s house but I’m not a club person or event person. I get bored and I don’t like being around energy that I can’t tolerate.

Do fans sometimes confuse you and your Entourage character, Shauna?
Shauna is a workaholic, smart, on top of it—I’m all of those things. But Shauna has a potty mouth and is so vulgar, and that’s something that I’m not. Do I curse like a champ? Yes, no doubt. But there’s a difference between cursing and being vulgar. I had to say things on Entourage that made me blush. I don’t like to be one of the guys talking about things they do with chicks, in terms of sex. It was weird to sit in a roomful of men and have to talk like that. She’s not as vulnerable or as sensitive as me.

Shauna’s a publicist, and publicity is all about manipulation. How does Debi win an argument? What are your tactics?
Well, if I’m right, you’re going to lose. It’s just that simple. I’m smart, cunning, hustler-y, and quick. If I’m right, it’s going to be a showdown. But I don’t look to win. I look to be humble and I try not to get into arguments. I love a good argument, but I prefer a debate, and discussing stuff. Arguing can get nasty.

Who’s bossier—you or your husband?
Oh, I’m the one who acts bossy. His bossiness comes from a very quiet simple directness and it goes so much further than my being a little bit on the loud side. We’re both bossy—it’s the delivery of the bossiness that’s different.

How do you feel about the term Boss B--ch?
I love the word bitch. B--ch is a great thing. It’s “beyotch,” “b--ch please,” “you’re being a b--tch.” It just means you’re strong. Words don’t usually offend me—it’s all in the delivery.

Have you ever had a fist fight?
No. I’ve never had to. I’m not a physical person. I took boxing and martial arts because my mother was a black belt and I grew up on the streets. But I’m strong and quick and I’ve never felt the urge to beat somebody down. And anyway, I can wreck you for life just by speaking to you. And I don’t even like to do that to people. I feel a responsibility to not be mean. I’m not a mean person. But if you cross me, that’s another story.

You’re famously forthright. Does that ever get you into trouble?
I think it saves me. I’m not a very gray-area person. What you see is pretty much what you get. I’m very honest. I think I can be offensive occasionally because I’m direct, but I’m also the type of person who can read someone’s energy and eyes and realize when to backtrack, realize that this person’s skin isn’t so thick. I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings. But frankness has helped me. When it comes to wardrobe or makeup, a lot of times we’re talking about how to interpret a character’s look and designers like that I have such a strong idea because it saves them time.