The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence, InStyle premiere sweepstakes
Credit: AP Photo/Lionsgate/Murray Close

InStyle teamed up with China Glaze to send you and a district partner of your choosing to the Los Angeles premiere of The Hunger Gamesand you have one day left to enter! The grand prize involves two tickets to the premiere, plus airfare and hotel accommodations, and a $500 American Express gift card to spend on souvenirs (say, a Mockingjay pin). And to make sure you attend the opening ceremony looking like you’ve had a visit from Cinna, China Glaze will be setting you up with asalon manicure before the event, as well as two full sets of the Games-themedCapitol Colours collection. Head over to InStyle’s Facebook page to submit your name to the (friendly) reaping. You have until tomorrow, Wednesday February 22nd to enter—may the odds be ever in your favor!