Credit: Courtesy of David Kirsch

With Halloween behind us and safely documented in photo sets, we're officially approaching holiday season. But between the prepping, shopping and entertaining, the most joyous time can quickly turn into the most exhausting. Which is exactly why celebrity trainer David Kirsch's new 48-Hour Super Charged Cleanse piqued our interest. The mix of potent antioxidants, fiber and vitamins is designed to rid your body of toxins and kick fatigue to the curb. We caught up with the guru—when he wasn't training clients like Anne Hathaway and Liv Tyler— for a few extra tips to take your cleanse further.

DRINK UP: "Staying hydrated with water and decaf/herbal teas will help energize your body and flush out toxins," he said. "Plus, peppermint tea can actually help you fight cravings."

SLEEP WELL: "Go to bed early! Use this as a time to get back into your natural rhythm."

STAY POSITIVE: "Never say 'I can’t.' Whenever you catch yourself thinking this way, say 'I can if I [fill in the blank.]'"