Empire Recap: Cookie's Looks Remain Unforgettable Through a Battle of Record Labels

Empire Recap - LEAD
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Our feet restlessly started tapping the minute Mirage à Trois confidently took the stage on last night's episode of Empire. Dressed in matching blush-toned fringe looks, the all-girl trio hit every mark on what appears to be a new entertainment TV show, Cookie's Corner. And though the band members definitely have their differences—Cookie and Hakeem debate over who should take the lead role—all of their fashions were spot-on.

"I wanted each one to have their own really exaggerated look," Paolo Nieddu, Empire's costume designer, tells InStyle. The award-winning wardrobe expert adds that their fashion is inspired by Saved by the Bell's Jessie Spano, the Spice Girls, and even Elle Woods's best friends in Legally Blonde. In addition to the newly formed group, members of the Lyon family’s inner circle once more kill it in designer frocks from the likes of Givenchy, Tom Ford, and Oscar de la Renta. And the latest plot twists and unexpected revelations have us counting down the days until the next episode as well.

As Hakeem tries to turn Jamila Velazquez’s Laura into a certified superstar (Tiana gives her some diva-worthy tips, to boot), Lucious focuses on his latest protege, Freda Gatz. The quick-witted rapper and Empire’s head honcho collaborate on a new, soon-to-be hit amped up by the sound of bullets. The reason for the gun shot addition? We learn that Kelly Rowland, who portrays Lucious’s mother in flashback format, nearly committed suicide when he was just a child, one of the reasons he’s so emotionally connected to the weapon.

Meanwhile, Cookie continues her sexy but dangerous love affair with Laz (Adam Rodriguez) and simultaneously teams up with Jamal to record a song during a drunken stupor—a move we know will not turn out well thanks to previews of next week’s episode. It’s Mimi Whiteman, however, who throws a curveball into the mix. The adventurous board room regular successfully seals a contract for Empire with Jago, the head of Swiftstream (a music streaming platform), thanks to some unwarranted coercion. But after a threesome gone wrong and one mysterious phone call, we presume that Whitman may not exactly list Empire’s interest at the top of her priorities. We can’t wait to see how this all turns out.

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