By Jonathan Borge
Updated Oct 15, 2015 @ 7:15 am
Credit: Chuck Hodes/FOX

Last night's episode of Empire officially set the M.O. for the remainder of Season 2: Expect the unexpected. The tale of feuding music industry honchos continued as warranted FBI agents marched into the label's downtown New York headquarters to raid Lucious Lyon's (Terrence Howard) corner office just as Jamal was in the midst of recording a new song. And though moments of presumable success occur inside Cookie's (Taraji P. Henson) new Dynasty digs, we learn that even the seasoned former jail inmate is unprotected from the eye of the government feds.

The potentially harmful investigations are all conducted by Roxanne Ford, the powerful prosecutor who's committed to throwing Lucious into jail for the murder for Bunkie Williams, and so the family's scheming lawyer (Andre Royo) conducts a family meeting asking all of the Lyon personalities to come together and showcase a happy facade for their own protection. To regain the rights to her new label's music, Cookie asks Lucious for a truce and with his help arranges for Jamal and Hakeem to record a music video together, despite their differences.

As Jamal poses for an artsy Rolling Stone cover and his boyfriend, Michael, grows increasingly agitated by his rising stardom, Lucious and Andre come to the agreement that the eldest Lyon son may return to Empire if he can help bring the ongoing investigations to an end. Of course, Andre and Rhonda are the ones who (accidentally) murdered Vernon in Season 1, the key witness that the family would need to ward off Ford's hunt for Lucious.

The music video shoot takes a rather violent turn, with Hakeem and Jamal physically brawling and expressing their hatred for each other on set. And while the event seems dramatic enough, Cookie is once again arrested for a petty crime committed by her assistant. Ford asks the dynamite mother for her help, and for her own protection, Cookie admits that Lucious and Bunkie argued and disagreed on a business deal before he was found dead.

Ultimately, it's the bond of the Lyon family that keeps the secrets and undisclosed details of betrayal and legal activity that we see reign supreme. Just when we think Andre and Rhonda may be arrested for attempting to say farewell to Vernon's corpse, Lucious rushes in to save the day and welcome Andrew back into the family and label. Cookie exits her hours-long jail visit to find an empty music video set, but manages to tell Anika that despite Lucious's lying words, she's no longer welcome at either company.

The most uplifting of key plot twists? Hakeem finds another promising new talent inside of a bar, one we presume he'll desperately want to present a music deal to. We'll have to wait until next week to see what drama will unfold next. See the best best fashion moments from last night's episode and the rest of Empire's Season 2 here.