Our smartphones are one step closer to accurately reflecting the world we live in. 

By Isabel Jones
Feb 06, 2019 @ 2:30 pm

Welcome to the future (of emojis). The 2019 slate provides animated accents for the world we live in — you know, one where menstruation isn’t exclusively acknowledged in hushed tones and everyone’s favorite animal is a sloth.

There are 230 new emojis coming this year, and they include game-changers like the “pinching hand” (or “small-dick symbol,” according to the internet) and a flamingo (finally!), as well as long-overdue icons like a same-sex couple holding hands and people with disabilities (including a man and women sitting in both a manual and motorized wheelchair, and people walking with probing canes).

The new batch also includes the egregiously overdue period emoji, which will finally join its emoji brethren as a single red droplet of blood:


Considering that hundreds of millions of people get to experience the pleasure of menstruation [insert Nancy Pelosi clapping emoji here] monthly, it’s about damn time we got an icon to properly convey our cramps/tears/annoyance, et al.

The campaign to get a tampon emoji in 2020 starts NOW.