By Christopher Luu
Updated Sep 17, 2018 @ 11:00 pm

During tonight's Emmy Awards, one particular presenter seemed to relieve the show of its usual monotony: Hannah Gadsby. The star of Netflix's stand-up special Nanette may not be a huge name now, but she's on her way to being the next Big Thing in comedy.

Tonight, Gadsby presented the award for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series. In her signature self-deprecating way — complete with plenty of "jokes" about hating men — she said that it was probably because of her that winner Stephen Daldry wasn't at the event to accept his award. It's that sense of humor that'll endear her to viewers everywhere. The Aussie comedian took some time to toss in a more few jokes, too, mentioning the current state of comedy and how male comedians are making headlines for reasons that don't really involve their ability to get some laughs.

"It is just jokes, but what are jokes these days?" Gadsby said. "We don't know. Nobody knows what jokes are, especially not men. Am I right, fellas?"

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Viewers familiar with Nanette will recognize that unique take on current events. In the stand-up special, Gadsby describes her complicated affair with comedy as an "abusive relationship" and uses personal stories and traumatic experiences to get a chuckle (and some serious self-reflection) from the audience. And judging from the fact that she sold out the Sydney Opera House for the special, a lot of people can relate.

"Perhaps if comedians had done their job properly and made fun of the man who abused his power,” she said during one comedy show, "Then, perhaps we might have a middle-aged woman with an appropriate amount of experience in the White House — instead of, as we do, a man who openly admitted to sexually assaulting vulnerable young women because he could! I think we have a moral obligation to take privilege off people and spread it around."

Before Nanette shot her to international acclaim, she had parts on Australian comedies like the cult hit Please Like Me with Josh Thomas, where she played a slightly dramatized version of herself; and her own series, Hannah Gadsby's Oz, which premiered in 2014.

With her appearance at the Emmys vaulting her to an all-new audience, it's only a matter of time before Gadsby goes from making it big to making it really big. There's no doubt that she'll come up around the coffeemaker tomorrow. It's about time. Can someone get a campaign going for her to host next year's show?