By Andrea Cheng
Updated Jan 29, 2014 @ 8:09 am
Emmy Rossum Eye Cream Addiction
Credit: Johns PKI/Splash News

We're more than diligent with our twice daily application of eye cream, but that's probably the extent of our love for the product. Not so with Emmy Rossum who, without hesitation, names eye cream (Restorsea, to be exact) as her go-to beauty product for anything and everything. "I like to use eye cream as lip balm, as cuticle cream, anything really, for extra hydration all over," she tells exclusively. "It's my version of Windex, like in My Big Fat Greek Wedding it cures everything."

All kidding aside, the Shameless actress is all matter-of-fact when it comes to eye cream and its many benefits. "I think the eye area is the most delicate, and that’s where I tend to show fatigue first in little fine lines and crepiness," she continues. "I keep it in my fridge, and put it on first thing in the morning. I travel with the eye cream all the time." Thanks to Rossum, we're looking at eye cream in a whole new light.