By Faith Cummings
Updated Oct 18, 2017 @ 9:00 am

On Tuesday, Emmy Rossum became the latest actress to speak out against the treatment of women in Hollywood. The 31-year-old took to Twitter to talk about her harrowing past encounters with film producers, only a day after Jennifer Lawrence revealed she'd been bullied into losing weight by a female producer.

"I have had FEMALE producers make comments to me about what I'm putting in my mouth," Rossum tweeted. "Things like 'Don't get fat. No one will watch this.'"

Credit: Emmy Rossum / Twitter

She then recalled a moment more than a decade ago, where a male photographer asked her if she was going to eat a piece of cake during the lunch break for a magazine cover shoot. Rossum said she not only took a second piece of cake to prove she wouldn't tolerate disrespect, but also stared at him as she ate it.

"If I'm honest, in that moment, I feel shame," she tweeted. "I don't want the cake anymore. I don't want to celebrate. Don't even want to keep shooting."

Credit: Emmy Rossum / Twitter

Rossum was both shocked and proud when she found out so many actresses were speaking up about harassment in Hollywood. "I was blown away by all the women coming forward to share their stories," she stated. "Ones that feel immediately sadly familiar."

She ended her series of tweets with a call to action for the industry. "We must look at ourselves," she affirmed. "At how we can make our industry kinder, more supportive, of how -- as women AND MEN -- we can build each other up."

We're inspired by Rossum's bravery and all those who have had the courage to speak up about the rampant misconduct in the movie business.