Emma Watson - February 20, 2017 LEAD
Credit: AP Photo/Christophe Ena

Emma Watson’s friends can rest easy at night knowing that she would never let them walk around with spinach in their teeth. While many of us feel too awkward even stopping a conversation to tell someone to check a mirror, the Beauty and the Beast star put a halt on a joint interview to tell a journalist about a pen mark on her chin—and then proceeded to rub it off herself.

“I’m so sorry, can I stop you for a minute?” she says, interrupting her co-star Dan Stevens. “You would do this for me, and I would do this for you. You’ve got pen on your chin, and you’re going to be so sad when you see this. And I just have to do this for you,” Watson says before getting up and attempting to rub the mark off with her thumb.

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“I know what it’s like to have something on your face. Amanda, you’ve got a little bit of concealer out there?” she calls out to her makeup artist, who comes in to save the day. “Don’t be embarrassed!” she implores to the red-faced journalist before proceeding with the interview.

“This is the best moment of the trip,” the interviewer (and all of us) conclude. Never change, Emma.