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Laura Rose
Mar 11, 2017 @ 1:45 pm

We will never know what La La Land would have been like if Emma Watson was cast as the female lead, but at least now we know why she wasn't! It's been known for a while that at one time, director Damien Chazelle wanted the Beauty and the Beast actress for the lead role, but as we're all aware, Emma Stone ended up with it instead. At a town hall meeting with Entertainment Weekly Radio SiriusXm, Watson explained that she could not accept because of scheduling conflicts.

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That's right, we could have seen the brunette Brit singing about auditions and learning about jazz from Ryan Gosling. But instead, Watson went with her commitment to Beauty and The Beast. 'It's one of these frustrating things where sort of names get attached to projects very early on as a way to kind of build anticipation or excitement for something that's coming before anything is really actually agreed or set in stone," the actress said. 

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Watson was not the only star who was rumored to be in and then out of the Academy Award-winning film. For a hot minute, Miles Teller was meant to have Ryan Gosling's now-iconic role. Can you imagine how different the film would have been?

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Back in September, director Damien Chazelle spoke about their difficult casting decisions, but this week was the first time Watson addressed the topic. In an interview with Uproxx, Chazelle revealed "The casting of this movie during the six years it took to get made went through lots of permutations, and it's true there was a moment where Emma Watson and Miles Teller were doing it. And neither of those casting things wound up lasting or working out. But it was part of the up and down of this movie: that we were about to make it, we were about to not make it, about to make it, about to not make it." Either way, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling absolutely crushed their starring roles in the film and we are excited to see Emma Watson play Belle in the much anticipated Beauty and The Beast out in theatres March 17.

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