By Kelsey Glein
Mar 16, 2017 @ 5:00 pm

What could possibly be better than Emma Watson? Emma Watson and kittens.

The Beauty and the Beast star—who happens to be a huge animal lover—recently sat down for an interview with Buzzfeed where she answered questions from fans and cuddled up with a bunch of adorable cats in the process. "I want them all!" she says as the video begins while the little creatures are being placed on her lap. "I'm dying. I can't even concentrate on what you're saying."

The actress is notably distracted by the tiny animals in the clip, but manages to successfully respond to several questions. Watson revealed the souvenir she took from set (a small ring that Belle wore on her little finger), how the idea for Belle herself being an inventor came about (she had a hand in the thought), the number one life lesson she would teach her own future daughter (that her voice matters), the biggest thing that Belle and her famed Harry Potter character Hermione have in common (their perfect balance of head and heart), and more.

Watch all of the cuteness go down in the video above.