Emma Watson Encourages Women to Vote in "Excruciating" U.S. Election

Emma Watson
Photo: Anita Bugge/WireImage

Emma Watson may not be able to vote in the U.S. presidential election, but that hasn't stopped her from trying to encourage other women to go to the polls.

The Harry Potter alum headed to social media Tuesday to dish on how "excruciating" it has been for her to "sit on the sidelines" with all that has happened during the election and not be able to participate in the voting process.

"It can't be denied that the result of the upcoming US election will have a ripple effect around the world, and impact, in one way or another, millions and millions of people," she wrote.

"America is my second home. I have friends there that I think of as family," she went on. "It has been excruciating to sit on the sidelines in the months leading up to this election. Goodness, I wish I could cast a vote. We know one of the most reliable indicators of peace and prosperity, nationally and globally, is not a country's level of wealth, democracy, or ethno-religious identity; but how well its women and worlds are treated (Sex and World Peace by Valerie Hudson)."

"The next president will be able to make decisions about women, about their bodies, about how they are treated at work, on university campuses and at school, about how men treat women and about their rights as citizens," she continued. "These decisions affect how young people form their ideas of gender. These decisions will affect whether we believe equality is an idea that matters."

In addition to trying to rally women—and young people in general—to vote, Watson has been an outspoken advocate for gender equality in many other ways as the face of the UN's HeForShe campaign. The actress not only gave a powerful speech for gender equality at the U.N. General Assembly last month, but she also flew to Canada to meet up with Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau to "discuss gender equality and the importance of bringing young people into politics," last month as well (she revealed in an Instagram post).

Watson has continued to prove that gender equality is a cause close to her heart, and her efforts to rally people on all fronts (including voting) is nothing short of inspirational.

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