After a series of Instagram posts supporting the Time’s Up movement, feminist icon and Beauty and the Beast actress Emma Watson has arrived on the red carpet—in black, of course.

Watson, 27, rocked her dark brown strands and newly cropped bangs, which she debuted on Instagram on Friday.

The actress pulled her hair into a low updo for the event, but it wasn’t her hair or even her plunging satin gown that got us talking.

The Harry Potter alum brought a special guest with her to the Globes: Marai Larasi, the executive director of Imkaan, a women's organization based in the U.K.

Emma Watson Golden Globes
Credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

“When Michelle Williams spearheaded the idea of actresses bringing activists on the red carpet, my first thought was it would be so great to do it with Marai,” Watson shared with E!'s Ryan Seacrest.

The actress opened up to InStyle about the experience. "Personally, the chance to bring Marai onto the carpet with me, she has so much wisdom. So much power. So much knowledge. I've learned so much from her about being an intersectional feminist. About Black feminism. I've loved working with Imkaan, which is the organization that she is the executive director of," she said. "And just seeing so many other women standing together in solidarity and unity tonight, like this is an inflection point. This is a moment in history. This feels like, I don't know, I've never been more honored to stand on a red carpet. I really feel that way."

As for Larasi, the feelings of admiration is mutual. “And for us, for me, it's been amazing. Emma has really worked hard to be an ally. And really kind of tried to understand what the specific issues are in terms of women of color. That means something," she told InStyle.

"She's not kind of jumped in like I know it. She asks questions. She's learning. And this is a space of mutual respect and solidarity. This isn't like the white woman coming to rescue the woman of color. Or the woman in color being the Earth mother kind of going 'I can help you learn.' It's been real sharing. And challenge. And difficult interesting conversations. And this is solidarity across different spaces," she continued. "We have similarities. But we have a huge amount of differences. And we're evidence that actually women can connect across different spaces to say time's up, you know? And that means something."

Watson added: "I think that was a really big moment for me, was realizing that actually, our differences were empowering. And that this was a way to empower ourselves. Was to define ourselves. To understand how our experiences are different. But that that is also this commonality. And it's meant a lot to me to be able to share my personal experiences with Marai and to share with you too."

As for Time’s Up’s focus on women in Hollywood, Larasi explained that it’s simply an accessible platform to spread their message. “We’re saying women in Hollywood have an opportunity to amplify the issues and shine a light,” she told E!

We salute you, Marai and Emma!

By Brandi Fowler and Isabel Jones