Premiere Of Sony Pictures Classics' "Irrational Man" - Arrivals
Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

At last night's premiere of The Irrational Man at the Writer’s Guild Theater in Beverly Hills, Emma Stone not only wowed in a stunning Giambattista Valli dress, but dished on her gritty role in the highly anticipated Woody Allen film.

"A combination of things drew me to this role. The story was really interesting and the themes were something I hadn't really explored before," Stone shares. "I've worked with Woody before, and had a really good experience with Joaquin Phoenix and Parker Posey. It was a lot of things."

But the actress also loved playing such a unique role: "My favorite part of playing Jill is that she sort of morphed about halfway through shooting," says Stone. "I thought I had an idea of the character, but as we were moving on, as the tone of the movie kind of crystallized, my idea of her totally changed, so that was kind of a cool experience to have. I have never really had that with a character before."

However, it was Phoenix and Allen who really cemented her love for the movie. "Working with Joaquin was probably a huge part of why I loved this character. He's so cool, obviously so brilliant, and so alive—he's ever-changing and shifting," she says of the part. "And every moment with Woody Allen is special and unique. He talks about movies and plays and poetry and all of the things that you would think he would talk about. It was pretty typical Woody Allen fare."

Catch The Irrational Man when it hits theaters July 17.

—With reporting by Brandi Fowler