Here's Emma Stone as Billie Jean King in the First Battle of the Sexes Trailer

Battle of the Sexes Still
Photo: Fox Searchlight

We finally have an up-close peek at the face-off of the century (20th, that is). Emma Stone and Steve Carell put their acting chops to the test in upcoming biopic Battle of the Sexes, a film chronicling the widely televised 1973 tennis match between renowned players Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs.

More than a battle of talent, the match became a competition of ideals—pitting feminist activist King (Stone) against self-proclaimed “male chauvinist pig” Riggs (Carell).

Battle of the Sexes Still
Fox Searchlight

Watch the trailer below for a glimpse at Stone and Carell in this sharp-tongued tennis flick. (One can’t help but notice the parallels between the memorable sports match and our recent election.) From what we can tell, it looks as though both acclaimed actors serve up impressive performances.

Battle of the Sexes opens in theaters Sept. 22—you know we’ll be there.

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