Fans of Easy A know that Emma Stone’s voice is nothing to laugh at (seriously, that “Pocketful of Sunshine” scene might be the best in the movie), but the actress is forgoing her throaty low sound for a beautiful soprano in her new film, La La Land.

In the new teaser trailer, Mia (Stone) sings her way through an audition, and the gorgeous music plays through a montage of her romance with Sebastian (Ryan Gosling). The upcoming movie-musical follows the aspiring actress as she falls for a jazz musician and struggles to "make ends meet in a city known for crushing hopes and breaking hearts,” according to Entertainment Weekly.

We already know that these two have incredible chemistry from Crazy Stupid Love, and the new teaser gives a deeper look at the whimsical style of the upcoming film, from striking visuals to the couple even floating away into the starry night. In a first trailer (below), Gosling showed off his singing chops, belting out “City of Stars” from the soundtrack.

La La Land also stars J.K. Simmons, John Legend, Rosemarie DeWitt, and Finn Wittrock and is set to hit theaters Dec. 2.