Emma Stone attends the "Irrational Man" Photocall during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival on May 15, 2015 in Cannes, France.
Credit: Samir Hussein/WireImage

This weekend, fans of Emma Stone will get to see her take to the screen in the philosophical mystery film Irrational Man, her second Woody Allen project after last year's rom-com, Magic in the Moonlight. Starring alongside Joaquin Phoenix, the redheaded actress plays a college student named Jill who befriends an anguished professor in the midst of his existential crisis. The film dives into some unexpected territory with a murder component that ups the ante and adds a tinge of moral ambiguity to the pair’s romantically charged friendship—making this movie an intriguing and thought-provoking drama.

Although Stone’s latest role may show the actress in a new, more nuanced and heady light, we really love her because of her funny, down-to-earth, and all-around adorkable personality. The 26-year-old seems like she could easily be one of our BFFs, so in anticipation of her return to the screen, we’re looking back at her most personable moments with these 11 times Emma Stone was, basically, our spirit animal.

1. When she panicked about meeting the Spice Girls.
Emma Stone is a huge Spice Girls fan, and she’s not afraid to hide it. The funny lady was lucky to chat with both Mel C via FaceTime and got a video message from Mel B—but when Graham Norton tricked her into thinking she was about to finally meet a Spice Girl in the flesh, she lost it like any other ‘90s kid would.

2. When she demolished Jimmy Fallon in a lip sync battle.
Going head-to-head against Fallon in a lip sync battle means going all or nothing. With her energetic performance of DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win,” of course Stone came out victorious.

3. When she bribed her brother to be her date
After she won the “Hot and Funny” category at the 2012 Spike Guys’ Choice Awards, Stone had to stay true to a deal she had made with her brother, who agreed to be her date for the evening. “I am neither hot nor funny,” she said in her acceptance speech written by her younger sibling. “Spencer Stone is the coolest. He is fly as hell and he could have a professional rap career if he wanted to, but he’s too chill and wants to lay low.”

Actress Emma Stone (R) and brother Spencer Stone arrive at the 84th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood & Highland Center on February 26, 2012 in Hollywood, California.
Credit: Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

4. When she was overjoyed to win a Lego Oscar.
While she may not have won an Oscar for her role as the angsty Sam in Birdman, Stone didn’t go home empty handed. The actress was overjoyed to receive a Lego Oscar during the show’s live performance of “Everything Is Awesome,” even if she didn’t nab an Academy Award. But who wouldn’t be thrilled with such a cool souvenir?

Nominee for Best Supporting Actress Emma Stone (L) embraces Winner for Best Actress Julianne Moore at the Governor's Ball following the 87th Oscars February 22, 2015 in Hollywood, California.

5. When she accidentally tripped Naomi Watts at the SAG awards.
Looking glam can be a hazard—but not necessarily to yourself. While Stone may not have any klutzy tripping moments à la Jennifer Lawrence, she unintentionally caused her co-star to stumble—and made a face expressing her secondhand embarrassment that we can all relate to. Oops.

6. When she photo bombed a fan’s attempt at a sneaky photo
You’ve got to give her credit—Stone knows all your discreet paparazzi tricks. But when it comes to fans, it’s all good. Smiling big for what was meant to be a candid photo, she showed that she knows what’s up.

7. When she got caught up in the Farmville craze.
Social media addiction is a real problem—and back in 2012, that addiction was all the more difficult to overcome thanks to a certain time-consuming game called Farmville. When this actress’s harvesting schedule got out of hand, she had no choice but to leave the social media site completely. If only we had the same will power.

8. When she completely owned Ellen’s dance dare.
A dare is a dare, especially when the person who’s daring you is none other than Ellen DeGeneres. So when the talk show host challenged Stone to get her freak on without getting caught, you can only imagine the hilarity that ensued.

​9. When she kidded around with an 8-year-old interviewer.
A-listers have to fit tons of interviews into their busy schedules—but that doesn’t mean that an actress like Stone would refuse to make time for even an aspiring interviewer (or just a really big Spider-Man fan). The charismatic celeb finished off her Q&A with eight-year-old Miller Piercy with a gummy bear-tasting challenge.

10. When she knew that a picture was worth a thousand words
Like many stars, Stone is not a big fan of the paparazzi, but when she realized she could use her popularity for good, she embraced the cameras and did something we can all admire. Alongside Andrew Garfield, the charitable actress turned the attention towards some of her favorite charities, Gilda’s Club NYC and the Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are seen on June 17, 2014 in New York City.
Credit: Ignat/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

11. When she understood the power of Power Point presentations.
As a teenager, convincing your parents to let you stay out late can be a challenge—but convincing them to let you move to Los Angeles to be an actor seems nearly impossible. To get her career started at the young age of 14, Stone relied on a good old Power Point titled “Project Hollywood.” Years later, her scheme proves to have been a success, showing that you can’t go wrong with classic persuasive techniques—as long as you’re already a talented actress.