Emma Stone Says Wearing a Corset Shifted Her Organs — and She's Right, That's a Thing

For decades, actresses in period piece films have come away with one major gripe: the corsets.

Emma Stone, who plays a servant rising through the ranks in Queen Anne’s court in The Favourite, recently opened up about her own suffering at the hands of the outdated garment.

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"For the first month, I couldn't breathe,” she told The Graham Norton Show’s namesake host. “I would smell menthol and it would make me think I was in a wide-open space and could breathe for a moment in time."

Oh, and if you think oxygen deprivation is rough, you should try rearranging your organs (JK, please don’t). “After a month, all my organs shifted,” the Oscar winner explained, “It was gross, and if you don't have to, don't do it." Don’t worry, Em — unless Marie Antoinette herself rises from her grave and begins extolling the benefits of corset-wear, we won’t be adopting the restrictive trend.

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Dakota Fanning had similar things to say about her experience shooting TNT’s limited series The Alienist (which is set in New York near the turn of the 20th century). After initially struggling with the garment and even fainting when she first tried it on, the 24-year-old told W Magazine, that her body “completely changed.”

“I mean, I've worn corsets before but never for this long of a period,” Fanning continued. “Seven months; your body completely changes. You can get it on without even lacing or unlacing. By the end I was just snapping it on, snapping it off. It was like second nature.”

Well, Dakota and Emma were onto something … Corsets really do reshape your body, and even rearrange the position of your organs. While there’s no evidence that long-term corset-wear actually affects life expectancy, we can’t imagine that having a piece of fabric sculpting your innards like Play-Doh is a positive thing.

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