Emma Stone Offered Sage Advice on Staying Sane in Quarantine

She's teaming up with Child Mind Institute's #WeThriveInside initiative.

Oscar-winner Emma Stone is one of the first celebrities to take part in Mental Health Awareness Month. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Stone is just one of many high-profile stars to take part in Child Mind Institute's #WeThriveInside campaign and encourage young people to seek mental health help during the quarantine. Stone explained that for her, staying on top of anxiety and her racing mind involves writing anything and everything down, just to get it onto paper and out of her brain.

"Many of us are dealing with isolation, anxiety and uncertainty during this COVID-19 crisis, and this includes the 17 million kids and teens in America — that's one in five — who have a mental health disorder," she explained. "We're inviting you to be part of our team."

Emma Stone Is Engaged
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#WeThriveInside works to connect teenagers with tele-health services and online resources for mental health. As part of the initiative, Stone recorded a video that will be shared across the organization's online platforms. In addition to stone, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie, Andrew Garfield, Octavia Spencer, Misty Copeland, Kevin Love, Jameela Jamil, Lena Dunham, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lindsey Stirling, and others are set to share advice and their own experiences.

"Something I really like to do when I'm struggling with anxiety is a brain dump. What I do is just write down anything that I'm worried about," Stone said in her clip. "I just write and write and write and I don't think about it and I don't read it back. I find it's really, really helpful for me to get it all out on paper."

She finished: "I hope you're staying safe, you're staying strong and healthy and I'm sending you lots of love."

Child Mind Institute released a statement that let everyone know that if they're struggling with mental health, they're not alone. With the #WeThriveInside campaign, parents and families can get the help they need not only to make it through the pandemic, but to thrive.

"In these uncertain and uniquely stressful times, it is critical for families — and especially children — to know that they are not alone," Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz, president of the Child Mind Institute, said. "#WeThriveInside not only offers support and encouragement, it points parents to critical, evidence-based resources that can help millions of families better navigate unprecedented challenges. Most of us are struggling, but we can help each other discover new ways not just to persevere, but to thrive and grow from this experience."

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